Mayer: “This was a very Special Run”

Matthias Mayer expressed his relief after passing through the Finish Line with a powerful scream. Read here what he and others had to say about the first training:

Matthias Mayer (AUT), 1st in 1.58:46
“I hope that I have fully reconciled with the Saslong. This was a very special run for me. Although it was just a training, it was good for me to come in first. The course is in excellent conditions just as you expect from Val Gardena/Gröden."

Carlo Janka (SUI), 2nd with +0.15
“As always here in Val Gardena/Gröden the Saslong is excellently prepared. It felt like some of the jumps still end up on flat sections, but perhaps this is something that can still be fixed. One the whole, I feel good. My back still tweaks a little, but I am not dissatisfied at the moment and it can go on.”

Peter Fill (ITA), 3rd with +0.41
“It is always nice to race on the home track. I had a good feeling today, even if the ride was difficult because of the many waves. On the whole, I did well and I’m already looking forward to the weekend. So far, it never really worked out here. It has only been in the last few years that it started to click on this track and also skied better in the flat passages. I want to improve last year’s fourth place.”

Steven Nymann (USA), 4th with +0.47
I like the terrain and it’s something we grew up skiing a lot in the US, as a kid with did a lots of camps with jumps and movement and so i’m pretty comfortable. To be fast here you have to have confidence in the blind terrain and be wiling to throw yourself at that direction and when you do that you can gain a lot of time on guys because most people will be hesitant. The preparation is perfect, especially this year the snow is so nice and it is such a joy to ski this hill. Sometimes we communicate, but sometimes she slaps me down though. I’ve crashed here a lot but I’ve also won here a lot.

Christoph Innenhofer (ITA), 5th in 1.59:04
I am pleased with my run. Started the race well at the top because I know that section well and I was definitely not as aggressive in the more challenging sections because one isn’t yet familiar with all the jumps and the bumps in the first run. There have been a few changes to the course setting that I totally support as I liked it much more. I’m very surprised at my result as i am rarely among the top in the training runs and races here but it confirms to me that i have prepared well for this and am ready for the races.