2nd Training: Jansrud Returns

The second training session took place on the Saslong today in excellent conditions. The day’s fastest time was clocked by Kjetil Jansrud from Noway in 1.57:83, just ahead of USA Saslong specialist Steven Nyman (+0.05) and Austrian Max Franz (+0.12).

In the first training run, Kjetil Jansrud held back and came in 12th, but today he underlined his preeminence following his victory in the Downhill season opening in Val d’Isčre. Saturday’s Downhill promises to be exciting: 19 racers were less than one second apart.

Steven Nyman was only 5/100 slower than the fastest on his favorite course. The American celebrated all his three World Cups on the Saslong (2006, 2012 and 2014) along with his service man Leo Mussi who has prepared the winning skis for this course seven times. 

Max Franz from Austria was third (+0.12). The 27-year-old followed his 6th place from yesterday showing that he is one to contend with on this track. Fourth was the almost 25-year-old Valentin Giraud Moine from France (+0.22).

The fastest of the previous day landed in midfield. Matthias Mayer (Austria) was 22nd (+1.08), Carlo Janka 13th (+0.58) and the South Tyrollean Peter Fell 11th (+0.48).