This is What Racers had to Say After The Race



“It’s sensational to be back on the podium again in Val Gardena/Gröden” said winner Kjetil Jansrud after his sixth podium in a row and seventh overall. Here are the comments of the skiers immediately after the race:

Kjetil Jansrud (GER), 1st with 1:31.93
It’s nice to be here. I got a good, smooth run. It’s difficult to ski fast in Val Gardena/Gröden without making any mistakes. This is my secret: inspect well, manage the risk and don’t make any big mistakes. I’m in great shape and this is the third time in a row that I make it to the Finish without any glaring mistakes. This is also my sixth time on the podium in the valley and that’s a sensation. I already asked myself last year if getting on the podium five times in a row is some kind of record and now I’ve added another medal. I am always very happy here. I like the people the food, our hotel and of course the Saslong. The races in Val Gardena/Gröden take place at a beautiful time of the year. My hope of course is that there will be a 7th podium tomorrow. In my view, the favorites for tomorrow are Peter Fill, Steven Nyman and Matthias Mayer and of course the three Norwegians will be there, too!

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (NOR), 2nd with +0.06
Today was a really good day from my side because last weekend I made some mistakes. I started with a little margin at the top, always being in control, just to get into a rhythm and then in the lower part I let it go, had lots of speed into the Finish and had fun. It felt great when I crossed the Finish line. Val Gardena/Gröden is always good to ski and they do a fantastic job with the snow. It’s what we love. Jansrud is just ahead and we almost repeated last year’s triple podium, too bad for Aksel. For tomorrow, I feel in good shape for the Downhill, there will be a lot more gliding. For me right now the Norwegians are the ones to beat but there are many other good skiers out there who aren’t that far behind.

Erik Guay (CAN), 3rd with (+0.13)
Today felt good, I was confident. A lot of times when I ski Super-G, I don’t push as hard to the limits as I should but today I skied to the edge, no mistakes, clean run and am very happy. I din’t expect this good a result, as the field is always very strong here and I'm also coming back from my injuries. Luckily it plays well to my confidence for tomorrow’s Downhill race. The Saslong course is a great spot, I always love skiing here, the ambiance, the entourage, I feel comfortable here and am super happy to be here. Let’s see what’s going to happen tomorrow. I did well in the training runs and tomorrow I have to ski all the way to the limit again and not feel too comfortable on the way down. Today I was definitely fast on the top and the first two splits, but one turn in the Ciaslat I locked my skis a little bit and then I couldn’t bring as much speed as I wanted to the bottom section.

Matthias Mayer (AUT), 4th with +0.48
I prepared a lot this summer for the races and it dawned on my that I would would have to face the Saslong again, the place of my crash last year. This week could not have been better for me. I had two good training runs and I drove a brave race today. There were some mistakes, there always are in a Super-G, but I knew that I still have more in me. But by and large it was a good day, because a forth place is something to be pleased with. Overall the Norwegians are definitely beatable, they always start the season strong, especially here in Val Gardena/Gröden. They might not have been beatable today but I hope that I can go harder in my next race. I watched Kjetil on the Ciaslat and it was a dream ride: supple, gentle, very fast - that’s what I strive for.

Andreas Sander (GER), 5th with +0.49
I drove a crazy race and of course I am satisfied with my 5th place. Val Gardena/Gröden is my kind of skiing and I like to return here ever year. I did my first World Cup Downhill on the Saslong and went straight to capturing points. I have to say that lately the Super-G is almost better than the Downhill on the Saslong. The terrain is just perfect for me and the Dolomite scenery is so beautiful. I got the sense not to be as fast in the upper part of the race but it looks like that’s where i skied the fastest. But I didn’t do as well on the Ciaslat, skiing a little too generously. No point in second guessing my performance now. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s race, let’s see what I can do.

Dominik Paris (ITA), 8th with +0.66
I am pleased with my result. I did not not quite get into the swing of things in the middle section and lost a lot of time right there. Too bad I didn’t make it on to the podium. The Norwegians are currently really strong and definitely risk a lot. This is often good but it can also go wrong. They have an amazingly talented team in this discipline. My team isn’t all that bad either. We always discover a few mistakes after the races but it’s ok. Hindsight is 20/20. As with the training sessions, the Saslong is going to be in great shape tomorrow. It will be necessary to go full throttle because it promises to be another close race.

Christof Innerhofer (ITA), 10. with +0.70
I didn't feel perfect during my race. The snow was more aggressive than I expected, perhaps there were already a few traces from those ahead of me. In the middle part, where the turns have to be linked to one another it was better than in the upper section, where the skis almost found purchase too early. I slipped a little at the start and that probably cost me two or three tenths of a second. My knee definitely benefitted from being treated after the inspection because it suffered from the uphill movement. I took pressure from the knee and loosened the ligaments. I have to take my knee seriously so that it doesn’t become a chronic condition.

Thomas Dressen (GER), 17th with +0.88
So far a 16th place in the combination in Chamonix in February was my best result in the World Cup and its as terrific to capture a 17th place here in the Super-G. Especially when I look at the rankings: Adrien Theaux right in front of me and several big names behind me. That makes me proud! My mistake has definitely cost me a lot of time, but I’d rather ski fast and make some errors than vice versa. Going into a race with a high start number (59) is not easy, but the track was still in excellent condition. I have looked at the first 20 skiers on TV and saw that you simply had to let the ski run and go schuss early on. That’s exactly what I did. I once came off my line and got very close to a gate. I take the positives of this race with me and already look forward to tomorrow. I now realize that you don’t have to do anything special: simple is fast and thinking less is better.

Aksel Lund Svindal (NOR), DNF
The skiing was so so, I was aggressive but definitely too tight in the line and that’s when it's hard to be dynamic on the course. Technically and tactically it wasn’t such a good run actually. I need to be better tomorrow. I feel ok after my injury. On the inside when it’s a little too fast and when I make some mistakes I feel like I need some more training. Overall, its always good skiing on the Saslong.