The Heilousn are the Best Fans

Quality instead of quantity - the fans of Max Franz came with almost 90 members and were by far the largest fan club but it is the Heilousn that stood out and made a mark especially through their gastronomic  offerings.

This is the third victory for the friends of Dominik Paris after taking home the prize in 2012 and 2013 and losing out to Oti Striedinger’s fans the last two years running. The Heilousn did not want to accept that defeat: almost 60 fans came from Dominik Pari’s home town to Val Gardena/Gröden and expressed their enthusiasm with flags, bells and above all plenty of mulled wine and special donuts for all participating fans.

Striedinger’s supporters from Carinthia couldn’t keep up but were delighted to see their idol bring home the gold instead. The Fan Festival was once again a colorful parade with bells, drums, flags and trumpets making their way through the streets of St.Christina ending at the Finish Stadium.

In total, almost 600 skiers from 20 fan clubs participated in the competition and followed the two races. 2017 will see a continuation of this event and it promises to be interesting as the fans of local skier Christof Innerhofer promise to be particularly creative on the occasion of their tenth year of participation. There’s a challenge to look forward to!