A great team informs the public of the 40th Saslong Classic

Gernot Mussner and Luis Mahlknecht are the official speakers of the 40th Saslong Classic 2002 in Val Gardena/Gröden.
Gernot Mussner, 41, from Val Gardena/Gröden, comments the race on the Saslong this year as well. Being a sports journalist and a ski instructor he has the perfect prerequisites transmit exciting sensation to the public. He started gaining experience already 20 years ago working for the private „Radio Gröden“.  „I would sit on the branch of a tree and observe  Uli Spieß’s first flights over the camel hunches“, he remembers. „Then I would tell the listeners about my sensation over the radio“.  Thank to his knowledge of languages and of the item, and to his enthusiasm, he was engaged  as a commentator by several World Cup OCs (Sierra Nevada, World Cup finals 1999, Bormio, World Cup finals 2000,  Madonna di Campiglio, night slalom 2000). After having worked for RAI and ORF (Südtirol Heute) as a TV and radio journalist for 10 years, today Mussner is a freelance journalist and speaker.
Luis Mahlknecht, 44, primary school teacher and collaborator of several media (mainly corresponadant of Val Gardena/Gröden for the daily "Dolomiten"), married, 3 children.
Sport runs in the family (unkle Edmund Rabanser ice hockey player, his father’s cousin Ivo Mahlknecht skier). So at the end of the 70ies I started reporting about local sports events.
Together with soccer and cycling (which I do actively) my particular enthusiasm is for winter sports, and I always like to help when there is an event in Val Gardena/Gröden. I have followed several luge and biathlon events all over the world as a special correspondent.
Also in my job as a teacher I try to make the children love sports, real, direct sport far from doping.