1. team captains meeting/protocoll

OC President Stefania Demetz and Technical Director Rainer Senoner are welcoming all participants, wishing them all the best for their stay in Gröden, and introducing the members of the sports direction. Günther Hujara: he reports about the meeting with the coaches with reference to circumstances of safety. He thanks everybody for their constructive criticism and their cooperation, making sure that everything will be done together to obtain the best possible security measures which for him will be of top priority. Whilst exterior influences are not welcome, any kind of comments should be done on facts based on thorough research only. The race course in now ready after that the CO worked day and night in order to achieve optimum racing conditions. Answering a question of Toni Giger (AUT) whether the material used corresponds to the required certifications, Hujara says that the best available materials only have been used. From now on, color dye will be used on the slope instead of pine needles. Physicians will meet at 11 a.m in finish area. Erich Demetz observes that coaches may check technical material certificates in the OC office in St.Christina.
Edmund Dellago