The „Saslong" course crew

Once the race has started, the tension is increasing and the competitors are racing to win, this crew’s job has already been done. Starting early October, they are beginning to preparing and grooming the course for its big event.

The man up front is Rainer Senoner, the new technical director of the Saslong Classic” who has taken over this job from OC President Erich Demetz. He is in charge of everyhing having to do with safety device coordination, course preparation, technical constructions, finish stadium, time taking, rescue, crisis situations and other services.

Each section has its own responsible person.

Horst Demetz has been appointed new course director. He is responsible for the course preparation. Already in Summer he takes care – together with his men – of cleaning and improving the slope. Then, assisted by 30 members of the military “Alpini” troop, he coordinates all the works necessary for making the downhill possible. This young man from Selva/Wolkenstein has taken over this job from his uncle Nando Rudiferia who has been promoted representative of the Organizing Committee in the Race Jury.

Zenz Runggaldier is the man responsible for all safety devices. This year, 50% of safety material has been renewed and his job is to implement positioning of the various kinds of safety nets in accordance with instructions given by FIS Race Chiefs Günter Hujara and Helmuth Schmalzl. This year, a total of nearly 5 km of safety nets will be mounted which means five times as much as 12 years ago.

Hans Bacher’s responsibility is the course preparation. Commanding three huge preparation vehicles, he must distribute about 50.000 cubic meters of snow along the 3,5 km length of the course. One of these vehicles is equipped with a winch so that the extremely steep “walls” can be prepared. “You need a lot of experience in order to prepare all the turns and jumps to the satisfaction of everybody involved”, he says.

At the end of the slope, Tony Gräber the man who is responsible for the complete finish area, including corrals, delimitations, podiums, dislocations of any materials, vehicles etc.

The important rescue section is overseen by Othmar Prinoth. He has his headquartes in the finish building. Linked to the event by monitor he must take any action necessary for the implementation of the various rescue alternatives.

In case of snow crisis, the necessary work is done by the fire squads of Selva/Wolkenstein, St.Christina, and St.Ulrich/Ortisei, under the coordination of Hanspeter Perathoner. For instance, if fresh snow falls overnight, 40 firemen will be working hard in order to remove the fresh snow from the slope. In addition, other firemen are also implementing the internal public order service.