News from the slope

As of October 2,our slope crews are working full time. Between then and the end of October, when snow making should start, they are cleaning and improving the newly enlarged slope parts and fallen trees and posts. 

19 snow cannons will guarantee snow making
The Cable Car Company has installed new electronic snow making equipment consisting of 19 cannons which in turn are obtaining water from five different underground containers with an overall capacity of 500.000 gallons.
One only pump covers the water supply, which formerly was done by 21 smaller pumps. Water temperature is of utmost important in snow making. In our case, the water temperature must be between 0,5 and 6 centigrades and that of the air between minus 3 and minus 7 centigrades.

New Cables
During Summer, 4 km of new cables were laid along the slope, serving both time taking and loud speaker systems.

Slope Improvements
Under the direction of the International Ski Federation and its World Cup Director, during the year the part of slope between the Camel Hunches and the Ciaslat Entering has been enlarged, forming a slight profile improvement.

Camel Hunches
A Great-Stand will be erected this year at the Camel Hunches so 400 spectators will be enabled to see both the jump from the first into the second "wall" as well as the spectacular entire hunch jump.