Tactics at last training run

Many people spoke about tactics after the last test runs on the Saslong. As known, new FIS rules compel the fastest racer at final training to start with number 30 in the "real" downhill. To sum up, best 30 at test run, start in the race in reversed order. This is thought to grow suspence.
Fritz Strobl, the fastest today: “I think that everybody is concerned with the question if to run fast or not at the tests”. Michael Walchhofer, Austrian, just 3/100 slower than Strobl: “Everyone developes his own strategy refered to the new rules”. And the 3000 Euro prize? “Is surely very useful at Christmas”.
Today’s third Kjetil Andre Aamodt is a hot iron for Saturday. “I had a relaxing summer in my new home Monaco, where I drank gin tonic and ate chocolate soufflès” tells a quite satisfied Aamodt. Best Italian racer was once more Kristian Ghedina, one of the favourites for Saturday: “I feel very well and I’m looking forward to the race. I run full today”.
While Kurt Sulzenbacher got best Southtirolean today, didn’t Peter Fill, 20, start at all. He is slightely injured, but should start again tomorrow in Super G.