3rd Team Captains’ Meeting: Protest Turned Down

At the third team captain’s meeting the organizers have been praised again. The cooperation on the course worked perfectly, as the Race Director Günter Hujara said. Hujara spoke of an excellent course and a good training.
Indeed the athletes took advantage of a course faster than yesterday, and skied mostly at maximum speed. Fritz Strobl’s top time was 1.56 seconds lower than the actual course record set by William Besse in 1992. The training was overshadowed by two crashes, by Luca Cattaneo from Italy and Lasse Paulssen from Norway.
As the Technical Delegate Ferry Speigl said, the protest made by the Austrians concerning a gate fault by Werner Franz, Hannes Trinkl and Andreas Buder could be accepted only partly. Franz’s and Buders’s faults could be recognized by the video control, but Trinkl’s fault could not be proved, so he remained in the rankings.
The technical director Rainer Senoner wished everybody a good race tomorrow.