" The rule of the reversed 30, passed with flying colors"

(from the daily newspaper 'Dolomiten')
(os) Erich Demetz is not only the founder of the World Cup in Val Gardena, but he's also the President of the FIS World Cup Committee.
That being the case, it's thanks to him that the  so-called "rule of the reversed 30" was introduced in the Downhill last year.  In the beginning, the rule brought about a lot of controversy, especially in Val Gardena, where leading athletes were actually slowing down during training in order to guarantee themselves the number 30 at the start of the race: a quick update about the rule: the rule implies that the first thirty of the last training will start the race in reverse order in spite of the results from the real race. Those athletes that are within the first thirty of the start results of the World Cup (WCSL) but not at the last training, will start just after 30.  " We just had to do something because most of the downhill races were basically over after the tenth competitor.  This had a very negative effect on television's interest and without TV there are no sponsors and this could cause sporting events to vanish", explained Demetz at yesterday's press conference that presented the World Cup in Val Gardena.  "The Downhills have started earning more spectators and often just after an hour into the race, audience ratings have increased.  In addition the winners were almost always the best of the Cup.  We are proud to say that this rule has passed with flying colors." concluded Demetz, who went on to admit that sometimes results can be distorted,  but that's just a compromise that comes with the territory.