Erich Demetz author of a book.

For decades the president of the Saslong Classic Club, Erich Demetz, has been interested in art and aestetics.

All of his reflections are now gathered into a book.
”Schön ist…” ("Beautiful is...")  is the title of a paperback version that was published by Athesia distributors, and has proved to be such a success that is has been reprinted due to public demand. " The concept of beauty is so incredibly vast and the philosophy of aestetics has been attemped to be defined since ancient times", explains the author. "In fact, from Socrates on, there has never been one philosopher that has not pondered on sensitive perception and the link between aestetics and spirituality".  Erich Demetz, artist and author of numerous articles and reviews put together in his book sixty different points of view in respect to aestetics, each with a brief comment.  The book offers comprehensible texts dedicated to the most important theories on art, from ancient to contemporary times.