Snow control - FIS gives thumbs up

The World Cup races to be held in Val Gardena on December 19 - 20 will in fact be on schedule, as programmed.
This information was confirmed this morning by Helmuth Schmalzl, race director for the International Federation.
The FIS race director,  along with Erich Demetz, President of the Saslong Classic Club, Rainer Senoner, director of the race and Horst Demetz, director of the run, carried out a so-called 'snow check' to verify the consistency of the snow on the piste of the 1970 World Championships.
Schmalzl went on to explain that the race can most certainly be confirmed, even without an abundant amount of snow.  On both the wall and the entrance 'Ciaslat', more snow still needs to be produced in order to better shape the profile of the course.  'In any case', concluded Schmalzl, ' the piste should be able to withstand any eventual return of high temperatures.
The Super G will take place on December 19 and the DH on December 20.