CO Delegation meets President of the Province

A delegation from the Co Val Gardena consisting of it's president,Erich Demetz and vice president, Edmund Dellago paid a visit to Luis Durnwalder, president of the province.
Various subjects were addressed during the informal meeting that took place at Palazzo Widmann in Bolzano - Bozen.  Financing and international complications that come with organizing a massive sporting event, as well as it's commercial value for tourism in Alto Adige - Sudtirol.  The president of the province was well aware of the amount of labor that has been carried out till now, and also of the hundreds of volunteer collaborators.  Luis Durnwalder thanked Erich Demetz and Edmund Dellago not only for their efforts in general but for their roles as pioneers in the realization of great sporting events in  Alto Adige - Sudtirol, as well.  'Keep up the good work', concluded Durnwalder, encouraging the two sports managers, 'even when things don't always go according to plan'.  The atmosphere during the talk was an especially warm one.