FIS President, Kasper visits Val Gardena

The head of the International Ski Federation and his future prospects for World Cup organizers.
“ Fantastic”, that’s how Gianfranco Kasper, FIS president, describes the World Cup in Val Gardena on the whole. Kasper came to the world championships in Val Gardena 33 years ago, and has been coming ever since. This has allowed him to get to know and appreciate the efforts made by the organizers. “ If the slope is slightly more rolling yet challenging and not so much like a freeway, we should have an interesting day ahead of us”, underlines Kasper referring to today’s race.
As far as prospects for the future go, Kasper is aiming for additional collaboration among the organizers to enhance the selling and promotion of the “World Cup” product. This is the only solution to the age-old problems of financing tied to the Ski World Cup. “We need to make more of television exposure and realize that if the event is a success, then everyone will benefit from it, the organizers just need to understand this”, says Kasper also adding, “anyway everything should be fine for the next couple of years”.