Awarding of Bernhard Russi

In 1970 he became World Champion on Saslong and today is he probably the most famous piste "designer" in the world. Bernhard Russi was awarded today for his triumph in 1970.

Erich Demetz, president of the Saslong Classic Club, presented an award to
Swiss champion Bernhard Russi, in the form of a cordial celebration at the
arrival area of the Downhill.  Russi can still recall the exact moments that
changed his life forever back in 1970, at the world championships held on
Saslong. " There were eight athletes at the start that I had never defeated
before. The previous evening's snowfall made matters worse, because a lot
depended on starting numbers and ski wax ", recalls Bernhard Russi. "and
since I had number 15, I had a joker card".
One thing really stands out in his mind. " When my brother Manfred yelled
out at the top of his voice,' best time!!', those words are engraved in my
memory forever".