Deneriaz, conquers the Saslong

Already a favorite on the eve of the race, Antoine Deneriaz (FRA) takes the lead ahead of 6 Austrians.
Last year’s winner, Antoine Deneriaz (FRA), broke a new record at this year’s 42nd edition of the Saslong Classic. Slightly farther behind ranking second with 89/100, was Michael Walchhofer from Austria, who guides a strong pack of athletes known as the “Wunderteam”: Hans Knauss third at 92/100 ahead of Fritz Strobl (+1,08), Hermann Maier (+1,19), Stephan Eberharter (+1,26) , Klaus Kröll and Daron Rahlves tied with(+1,28). Ninth place went to Norbert Holzknecht (+1,39) and tenth to Nicolas Burtin (+1,57) from France.